A sligthly different approach...

ClimbingVan has already teamed up with some of the most amazing van rentals all over the world. Albarracin is the perfect place to start off, but we are more than excited to explore new ground in the near future. In general, this project aims at tackling things a bit differently. The idea is to link people and services in a way that is beneficial for everyone. The climber on the one hand and local van companies on the other hand. ClimbingVan partners with local, family-run rentals, for two reasons. Firstly, it is hard for them, like any other smaller business, to stay on the radar in times where major corporate investment and big players take over the first ranks on Google etc… Secondly, we had the opportunity to convince ourselves of the amazing job they are doing firsthand. Expect a personal touch, care for each of their vans and great care for each of their customers. A truly welcoming experience at the most competitive prices make for very happy partners.

We put a lot of care in this project ourselves. ClimbingVan waives corporate investment. We do not depend on investors to check figures. We decided against integrating a booking system, or any form of paid commercials. Rather than being bulky, we like it lean. From gathering gear to developing custom area guides, from the design to the website  Рeverything was done by ourselves with care.

Instead of paying into an extensive apparatus, you are hearby supporting a small project that is aiming to operate organically. To simply see where the road takes us, and go from there. We are able to provide to you, the climber, a valuable service at no cost, and we love what we are doing. Visiting the best climbing spots in the world with great vans and putting together helpful information for other climbers proves fulfilling in its own right. Moreover, we want to share our own passion for the outdoors and the beauty it holds. In doing so, we are ambitious to raise awareness of things we find to be crucial for sustaining mother nature. We want to advocate values and respect for both nature, as well as local communities, in an era of mass-consumption and mass-littering.

That being said, it is really all about living life and enjoying time outdoors, without having to worry about much else. We believe it to be crucial to step out of clocktime every now and again and get in touch with the more adventurous side of ourselves. Also, we are convinced that spending time in a van in nature, cooking outdoors, staring at the stars, hundred miles away from noisy and ligth-polluted cities, can teach us a thing or two about life. We find ourselves lucky to bring these experiences back home with us and think it is about time to share some of that.

We’d like to thank you for your time and interest in the project. We are always happy to hear from you – any concerns, ideas or feedback – drop us a line. And if you feel like it – spread the word – following an all organic approach, we are truly thankful for that!