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With ClimbingVan you get the finest Campervan filled with a Crashpad, Guidebooks, Area Information & much more - right at the best Climbing Areas in the world!

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No need to organize rental cars, hotel rooms, climbing gear and info. Enjoy vanlife in a VW campervan - right at the best boulders, among climbers from all walks of life.

Area Guidebook

Water, food, gas, wifi, parking, camping, finding the right boulder problems, safety for bouldering outdoors, rest-day tips & much more - we share with you for free!

Best Outdoor Bouldering

Climb on the incredible red sandstone formations of Albarracin. 2000+ amazing boulders through all levels, good drop zones & walking distance to the parking.

Free Climbing Gear

Crashpads on a plane? Big, bulky & expensive. We provide the perfect sized pads to fit in the van & the latest Guidebooks with info& maps of 2000+ boulder problems.

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Book your ClimbingVan!

Your ClimbingVan rack is waiting in your van. Simply check vans, prices and availibility on the VanYou website. When booking, enter climbingvan promo-code and voilà!

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On this website we aim at providing essential information on how ClimbingVan operates, so you know exactly what to expect! Happy reading & see you at the crag!

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The project

ClimbingVan is a FREE service from climbers for climbers. We partner with the best campervan rentals in proximity of worldclass boulder areas. We treasure the sheer beauty & spirit of bouldering outdoors. Aiming to assist in transitioning from plastic to real rock, we are aware of the challenges this holds for the climber. Gear in form of crashpads, reliable know-how & infos on bouldering outdoors & the area are hard to gather, yet essential! For that reason we put together all the gear and gathered forces to provide valuable insights on everything you need! Colaborating closely with our partners, we are very happy to provide all that at no extra cost. You rent a campervan and get free climbing gear. Book through the partners’ site, pay the regular price, simply add climbingvan code & enjoy a climbers’ way of travelling, well equiped with ClimbingVan. Read more…


It’s about comfort in simplicity & the freedom to go wherever you feel like. Climbers from all walks of life travel the world in vans pursuing their passion for climbing. Beers get to be shared on chill evenings, talking about boulder problems and watching the stars. Next day, wake up to the sound of nature, brew coffee in the morning sun and stretch muscles from yestereday’s climbs. Climbday? Restday? You decide. Each day anew. Each night anew. One night you treat yourself with comodities of an established campsite, next you feel adventurous and ready for a social wildcamp among climbers, next day you long for a lonesome parking in the wild… You get to choose. With ClimbingVan you receive an Area Guide, containing all infos from camping spots, to logistics such as water, wifi, bathrooms & much more … For Free. For more infos, check our FAQ


Ranked as Spains most beautiful village in 2018, Albarracin, over the past years established its name among the very best bouldering areas in the world for a reason! A few minutes outside the dreamy, medieval town, thousands of unbelievable rock formations start to pop up like mushrooms, and together with an old pine forest, form the entrance to an outstanding natural park: Pinares del Rodeno. These rock formations hold incredible and unique climbs in all difficulties. In your free guidebook, you will find over 2000 (!) nicely depictered boulder problems from very easy to very hard. Don’t forget to check the historic cave paintings from the neolithic age, which you will find in the middle of this vast bouldering playground …

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Sandstone Boulder Paradise

Millions of years have formed incredible features in red rock. Accessibility, good drop zone & 2000+ established boulder problems in all levels make for a perfect starting ground to explore the beauty of outdoor bouldering.

Year Round Climbing

Located above 1000m altitude, it is possible to climb in Albarracin all year. It can get pretty hot during the summer, thus the main climbing season stretches from September to May, the cooler months promise perfect conditions for bouldering & cristal clear night skies.

Campervan Friendly

Bouldering in Albarracin, it is recommended to have a car/van to get around. With your van, you will find everything you need easily accissible. There is various camping options in and around Albarracin. Good spots, good campsites, groceries, water fountains & more. Find all info in our Area Guide!


The Booking Process

You rent a campervan and get free climbinggear. You only pay the regular VanYou rental price, stated on the partner’s website, but you get the full range of ClimbingVan services for free. No hidden costs, transparent booking directly on the partner’s website & amazingness! Simply choose one of their various campervan types on vanyou.es/en and enter the coupon code climbingvan when booking. We will get in touch with you & send you valuble infos to prepare for your trip (boulder safety, what to bring etc.). Your ClimbingVan rack will be waiting in your van in Valencia. Easy as that.

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climbingvan meets vanyou


We are really happy to team up with VanYou. Together, we are able to offer something pretty amazing to the climber. VanYou stores the ClimbingVan racks at their premises and will have them ready & waiting in your van upon arrival!

VanYou is a family-run campervan-rental based in Valencia, operated by two passionate climbers, Paula & Chema. Besides being amazing people, they offer amazing vans at the best price & take individual care of each of them. Visit them at vanyou.es/en to convince yourself and have a look at their various van-models! The fair pricing already includes basic insurance and camping essentials such as kitchenware (coffee maker!), gas stove, fridge, chairs, table & much more, your van even comes with autonomous heating for the chillier nights!

VanYou, based in Valencia, is the closest van rental to Albarracin, and it is generally recommended to visit Albarracin from there. From VLC airport, VanYou offers to pick you up right at the airport. The bouldering-Mecca of Albarracin is just 2 hours from there, but you get to experience quite something on the way already. Spend some time on the scenic coastline of Spain on your way up to Albarracin. Driving up the balearic coast, you pass natural hot springs & roam through the vast countryside of the provinces Valencia, Castellon & Teruel.

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Book your ClimbingVan!

If you are ready & feel adventurous - go ahead! Simply check vans, prices and availibility on vanyou.es/en. When booking, just enter climbingvan promo-code and voilà!

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In the FAQ section, you will find answers to some questions that might come up. Feel free to approach us at info@climbingvan.com with anything on your mind 🙂

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Big thanks to our partners VanYou & Vents de Muntanya climbing store in Valencia!

We are happy to anounce that we have already teamed up with many other amazing van rentals in the most intesting spots over the world. If you like what we are offering, we are happy to explore new grounds soon.  Spread the word. Thanks.